I'm Not Going to Make a Pimp Joke. That's Too Easy.

Normally I'm the leader of the anti-sweats brigade. But, everyonce and a while people need to take a break from the craziness of life and sit down in front of The WB with a magazine and just CHILL OUT. Whether it's because your friend is going after your ex-boyfriend, you realised that you don't actually remember the last time you slept in your own bed, or you are just a crazy person in general, it's a necessary thing in life.
Primp makes ace sweatpants that the young Hollywood set was into for about 5 minutes. Which is just A-OK in my book. Overall, the clothes remind me of new Betsey Johnson mixed with some American Apparel comfort. And now that I've finished writing that bit I have realised that I've written about Primp already. But, that was way back in a whole nother season.
So. This sweatshirt/sweatpants combo has unicorns on them. Need I go into details about the coolness of unicorns? I think not.


It's What the Cool Librarians Wear

American Apparel! Pencil skirts! Yay.
No, seriously. I love American Apparel and I love pencil skirts. So, naturally I love American Apparel's pencil skirt. The fact that it's cotton and the countless wonderful and bright colors that it comes in makes it all the more better. Plus it can also be worn as a tube top and, even though tube tops are slightly evil, I'm kind of envious of girls who can wear them (and by kind of I mean not really). But don't wear tube tops. Ever since Sarah Jessica Parker wore them on Sex and the City they've become even scarier.
ANYWAYS, It's $30 and I'm ordering it soon so you (might) have some first hand praise for it. Isn't that lovely? Yes it is.


Seriously Folks

I would like to make people aware of a few things because it seems like every single post has had fights in the comments and it's gotten really ridiculous.
A) If you don't like something that's cool. Just don't call me a bitch when I disagree with you.
C) It's only the internet. If you don't like something that I've said/someone else has said you can just exit out of the page. It's really not hard.
D) I do not take myself as seriously as many of you think I do. In fact, I don't take myself seriously at all. I started this website because I was bored one day. I do not think I am God's gift to fashion and that I'm going to save the world from bad clothes. I just have lots of opinions and wanted to get them out there.
E) I'm not allowing any comments in this post because I'd rather not have a bunch of fights starting. And I love to have the last word. So, HA!


Rock it With Jason and the Argonauts

Prom was last saturday but I'll never forget the white dress (left) that my best friend almost wore instead of the pink halter that she ended up with (which was still gorgeous). Me and my other friend, Carly, forced her to buy it becuase it looked so damn good on her but she insisted on not wearing it because it looked like a toga.
Which is complete lunacy, but that's not my point.
After it was decided that yes, the dress would not be worn, Carly and I couldn't stop talking about it and noticed everything that had even the slightest ancient Greek/Roman influences. So, this is my Greek post.
Greek is next big thing. Well, we hope considering we've had embarrassingly long discussions about it. Take the Alexander McQueen Ready to Wear Spring Summer 06 collection (green dress on the right) for example. You can look at the complete collection at Style.com. Not only is it very 90's but many of the pieces fit right in with what I was talking about earlier.
And, of course, no one can forget how trendy gladiator sandals where a while ago. Well, the braided leather is back but now it's not nearly as annoying. Then again, everyone and their mom has sandals like that now. And I'm not exagerating. These (left. DUH!) are from Urban Outfitters and are $28.
Of course, there is a huge amount of ancient Greek and Roman influenced clothes out there, it's just hard to find them on the internet. And by hard I mean I'm way to tired to think about doing that now.
Next time you think about dissmissing a dress because it looks like a toga think of me. AHEM.
Edit: THOSE ARE NOT GLADIATOR SANDLES. I know they are out of style (I would also like to point out that I have been chastised before for being to trendy and now people are pissed at me for showing something supposedly uncool). Have you seen gladiator sandles? These are a different variation. I personally hate gladiator sandles but the ones I showed are cute and summery. Perfect for walking to the beach. I obviously am not good at expressing myself sometimes.


I Give the Best Advice When I Feel Like a Zombie

It's saturday night and I'm way to tired to do anything except sit on the computer. So what better time to answer your questions could there be? NO OTHER!

hi. i found a dress in cosmogirl magazine, but it's not on the website. i've
even gone as far as to call cosmogirl and xoxo (the people who made the dress).
but of course, they weren't any help. now first of all you have to understand
how badly i want this dress. it's perfect for me. i lost sleep over it for
pete's sake! so anyway, i personally believe that you have some mystical
superpower that lets you find anything fashion related online. i was wondering
if you could give it a shot and just try, for a few minutes, to find my dress.
cosmogirl calls it "pleated chiffon dress" and it's from xoxo. so if you even
try, you'll be my best friend forever. i swear. thanks : ]
Rachel C.

I think I found it! Maybe. The XOXO website says it's polyester but you didn't describe it that much so I hope this is right. Maybe? Next time could you give a better description? Anyways, it's $88 and is quite adorable. It's enough to make anyone look righteously hot.

hi i was wondering if you can give me some fashion advice. i got a pair of these
awsome white kapris (sry cant find picture) and i dunno what to wear with them.
can u give me some advise? do you think i could wear a brown blazer with them?
And also, what do you think of the whole leggings-under-jean-skirt-with-flats

Well, I've already answered the leggings thing a buttload of times. Please (and this goes to every one, seriously) check the FAQ before you ask a question. Also, it would be nice if you guys used spell check. But I'm kind of a spelling Nazi. Anyways, nearly everything goes with white. Okay, EVERYTHING goes with white. But, use your judgement, if you don't like how something looks with them then don't wear it. Might I suggest a striped halter top and some gold ballet flats though? It's very sweet and simple.

Hey, I'm going to my friend's quinceanera in September and I'm one of her damas (which is basically like a bridesmaid). We have to wear light pink dresses. Any suggestions?
P.S. I love your blog!

I really dislike the color pink but I'll try to help you because I love quinceanera's and I'm quite depressed that I didn't have one myself.
This dress (left) from Erotokritos is gorgeous! Is the bottom red stripe all right? If it isn't tell whoever is in charge that they are a complete moron. I don't know where exactly you can get Erotokritos clothes (the website says they are available all over the world but you have to e-mail them to find out more and I'm trying to answer this question quickly). So, if you have trouble finding that dress you can always get this one (on the right) from Ruby Rox. It's a classic simple style that leads to less boob-slipage than the Erotokritos one. And it's far easier to find since you can get it at Nordstrom's for $58.

Okay, I know prom is ages away but when you live where I live time flies in a not having fun way, so I'm already looking. Actually, I don't know when you'r prom is, so I don't really know if it is in ages, but mine is in February. Probably different since I live almost half way 'round the world.. probably. So here's my problem: I go to a Catholic school (lame, yes) and we are not allowed to wear black (which sucks if you're me), short dresses (not really a problem for me), dresses with spaghetti straps, tube dresses (for lack of a better term cause that doesn't seem to sound right to me, or maybe it's just me), dresses that plunge down in the front, or are backless, and heels cannot be more than two inches. I cannot seem to find anything [not ugly] without breaking the rules! Please help me!

Okay, your prom is ages away. I know it seems like it isn't but fashionwise, it is. I don't suggest buying a dress way before an event, the earliest should be one month away. Who's to say you won't find a dress that you really, really enjoy inbetween now and your prom? But, I will show you some nice dresses that fall into those guidelines because it's not that hard!
The dress on the left is from Anthropolgie and (although it kind of looks it) is not low cut at all! Plus, the patter is quite groovy and I doubt anyone else will be wearing a dress like it at all. It's all the great things about vintage dressed rolled into one. I don't know how big your prom budget is but it's $148. Be sure to check out my prom post for more!

it's a rarity that i ever go to anyone for fashion advice. i normally wear whatever i want and don't care about trends or other people's opinions. but i have this problem. it's called: "oh, that's on sale! okay.... sold!" well, i'm really not THAT bad, but i do tend to buy things just because they're cheap and worry about what to wear them with later. usually this is not a problem, but a few months ago i bought a pair of old navy tights that are a turquoise blue (pretty much like this). i have worn them with a denim mini skirt and it looked kind of weird. teen vogue recently had a spread where the model was wearing a trench coat and a dress and a skirt with similar stockings, but i didn't think it would look all that great on me. do you have any suggestions?

BLACK DRESS. But, if you want to wear them with an everyday outfit having them under a pair of jeans with holes in them is a nice way to bring bright colors into an otherwise boring outfit.


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