Naked is a State of Mind

Sorry for the lack of postage, again.
It's been frightfully cold and the the homework load intense. (Thomas More's Utopia has taken over my life!) Anyways, let's discuss boots. The only pair I have are some Steve Madden cowboy boots. They go with literally NOTHING I own. This is upsetting.

I found these while internet window shopping with my friend Tori during our free block today. WHAT? It's so Pat Benetar I kind of love it. $152 is too much for a pair of booties that I'll wear once, if even that. But they're so exciting I can hardly control myself.

My mother hates suede boots. Really, it's crazy. Paul & Joe make suede even more amazing. Even she would love them. Or not. I'd wear these with my skin-tight skinny jeans and oversized sweater. Comfortable, and warm. $815. Right. I can't believe people think I actually buy the majority of the stuff I mention here.

I can't believe I'm posting python boots. It's not like they're that amazing looking either. Something about Marc Jacobs just speaks to my soul. Maybe it's just the 3.75 inch heel that has me so in lust. But, if someone would like to buy these for me just holler. I almost said holla. That is horrifying. $775.

These are the boots of my dreams. Honestly, whenever I imagine myself wearing boots it's these and I'm wearing my sparkly black tank top, red headband (bought it at a street vendor down town, it was an amazing day), and the most comfortable jeans I have owned in the entire universe (Ralph Lauren). Of course, I think I might like the black leather better but there's something incredibly cool about blue leather on the right shoe. $209. I just might have to blow my paycheck on them.

I know these aren't boots. But I hardly ever wear boots, this post is not a true representation of moi without some platform shoes. With a 4.75 inch heel no less. From....Easy Spirit? Yes, how ridiculous is that. That Tara Subkoff is quite amazing. If I owned these I'd have worn them yesterday when my school went to see Cabaret (amazing. men in bras will never cease to make me happy) with my men's-style dress shirt and American Apparel skirt. $430


You Wouldn't Believe That I'm The Master of Five Minute Showers

Today in chemistry I was bored, as usual and felt my hair for lack of anything better to do.
I was instantly in heaven, my hair was so soft and nice.
Hitting my friend Gerryy who was sitting next to me, I said, "Gerry! Feel my hair! It's so soft."
"No, that's so weird!"
"Fine, feel mine first."
He took off his hat and I felt his hair, "Eww! You're hair is like a brillopad! Feel mine."
"Mine is not!"
"Yes it is. Feel my hair!"
He tapped my head.
"You didn't even feel it!" I shouted at him.
I grabbed his hand and put it on my hair, "See?" I said.
"Yeah, it's pretty soft. That was weird Leith."
Seriously though, it was crazy soft today. I'm kind of really in love with all my hair products.

I use the Shine Release shampoo from Brilliant Brunette by John Frieda and the Light Reflecting conditioner. They smell yummy and work like a charm. Some one once asked me why I used Brilliant Brunette because my hair is "black, not brunette". I am, in fact a brunette. I just happen to have really dark hair. I have red high lights in the summer, that's not black.

If I have some intense hair damage I'll use the fortifying deep conditioning masque from Garnier Fructis. It's great for dealing with chlorine and it works even better if you heat in the microwave for about 5-10 seconds. It works on a wide variety of hair types too, my best friend, Amanda, has curly hair and she swears by it.
Send me an e-mail with the hair products you use and I might post it!

Impossible Imposter

So, I was looking through my e-mails (I am kind of really horrible at checking anything but my school e-mail) and realised that we have a bit of a problem in the comments here.
Apparently people are pretending to be each other. Example, Rin's apology a couple of posts ago. Seriously kiddos, that is stupid. Comments will be taken away if this continues. Alright? Yes.


And I Really Wish That I Lived in a Boutique

I always look forward to the Versace collections. Donatella may be a walking photographic negative but, my God, I love the clothes. It's sluttiness displayed to perfection. But then I saw the Spring 2007 collection and it looked more than kind of familiar. Marios Schwab anyone?
But, then again, Marios Schwab was heavily influenced by 90's Versace and Alaïa. So, is Donatella copying Marios, her brother, or Alaïa? Or is everyone just copying each other and no one is original anymore?
Oh, it's definitely the last.


Oh My Gosh. Let's Listen to Plain White T's!

I was reading the Delias catalogue with my friend Liz before lit the other day. Once class started we, naturally, put it away. But our teacher requested we take it out. Picking it up, he started talking about Dante's Inferno and how the catalogue represented the blank banner the souls that neither heaven or hell wanted followed for eternity.
Which brings me to the point of this post.
Let's talk about Delia. She's a girl who exclusively buys her clothes from Delias (okay, let's be honest, she probably has a few from Forever 21) and you can tell. Chances are, if you saw an outfit in the catalogue she'd have worn it at least once.
The freshmen class at my school is plagued with these girls.
Really, I have nothing wrong with buying a few clothes from one store. But, my God, at least be somewhat original. They may look cute but, it's no fun to have everyone know where you bought all your clothes, nor is it fun to wear the same thing every damn day.



I was really hoping I wouldn't have to do this.
But, it appears I do. Especially since there was a big hoopla over my last post.
OH MY GOD I SAID THAT PEOPLE SHOULD EXERCISE. It was a joke. Yes, it was not that funny. Yes, it's hard to tell when some one is being sarcastic on the internet. But (and I had sincerely hoped that people had gotten used to me by now) I am sarcastic the majority of the time. It's my survival technique.
Besides, I'm a size 6 for pants and I can still fit into a size 2 dress (although a huge part of this is the fact that I am mucho small on top). Have you seen my rear or my hips? I don't believe so and if you have this could be a bit awkward. Unless I know you, of course.
Please, don't take offense at everything that I say. I am cruelest to those I love the most. Unless I really hate you, then I am just a full-frontal bitch.
Basically, do not over-react. Yes, I am full on drama queen but seriously. I don't go and cry because some one said something that I don't agree with online. Please take a reality check and calm down. Thank you.

P.S. tomorrow I will get back on a more regular posting schedule.
P.P.S. The first person who insults me with something other than "OH MY GOD YOU'RE SUCH A CONCEITED BITCH!" gets extra cool points. Honestly, there are so many other insults out there that describe me.

dress, Betsey Johnson