Oi Vey

Guess who's here? Well obviously it's me and if you didn't get that then you're a bit stupid, no? So, amazingly enough living in the desert and getting sand in my ears was a lot of fun. Of course there was very little that was fashionable, except one of the swampers (they were pretty much assistants to the boat drivers) wore a skirt a lot. It was a cute skirt too. And then there were the Germans who were naked a lot and I guess that's a fashion statement. So, anyways, today I'm going to camp. I'm actually supposed to be there now but my Mom is doing something and she has to drive due to the fact that I'm 14 and can't drive. Now she wants to check on what I packed (2 duffels and one messenger bag).


Son's Gonna Rise

Time to breakaway from the fashion stuff for a bit because (gasp!) there are other things I hold dear to me. No, not my family or my dog. And definitely not the gross food at my house (I've been living on Swedish Fish). Music my dear. Just to let you know, if you have itunes, the free download of the week is by Citizen Cope and it's fantastic! You must get it. Not only is he a talented writer but he's got a great voice that the music melts into. Son's Gonna Rise (the download) is a great play on words and was runner up for Leith's Summer Song '05 (it lost to Girl by Beck but no one can compete with Beck).
Also Tomarrow I'm flying out to Vegas and WILL NOT be writing here for atleast a week. I'll trying to do a little something witty about how tevas are the axis of evil or something like that when I get back BUT I'll only be home for a day and then I'll be shipped off to camp. If you count Jeep's as ships. And then it will posting maybe once a week.


I Tip My Hat to the New Constitution

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThe 4th of July is always a problem for me. I always have blue and white to wear but never any red. Most of you probably think, "So. Just don't wear red, white, and blue." Yes. I would do that if it weren't for the fact that at a very young age I was led to believe that the government would kill me if I didn't. I'm not sure how my parents got me to believe this but they did. Somehow. This year I have the same problem, which is why I am curently wearinga red plaid mini skirt and blue Abercrombie and Fitch shirt. Do not ask how I got the shirt. It's a very hellish tale invovling my Vietnemese French teacher. Other than the skirt I only own red chuck taylors, an argyle skirt with some red in it (but it makes my butt look like Mia's when we stuffed her undies with socks for her "date" with Josh in 6th grade), and this hideous tank top with red stripes. Which is why I want this tank top. It's cashmere. It's pretty. It's $165. LAMB.
Or I could tote this Lesportsac purse around. Because I'm so edgy like that.
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A Cause for Celebration

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I love this outfit from Vivienne Westwood's Red Label. Okay, actually I love everything in the red label spring/summer collection. And I think I deserve something from it. Why? Because I'm going to be interviewed for the New York Times style section. Isn't that groovy?
Oh yeah. I also had my last day of physical therapy today!